The Williams Family

Hi my name is Horatio that’s me to the left. After a gathering of the family we realised that some parts of the family had not met other parts of the family, even though we live less than a 40 minute drive from each other and in London that’s not a great distance.

So Darren, (that’s him below) and I thought that a family tree was in order, and for ease of use, to publish it to the net so OUR Williams family would be able to look up other family members.

Unlike other Family Trees due to the nature of our family I will be adding partners and offspring from that union however temporary and will also include offspring that are integral to the family but not of the blood.

Now I will not be able to find everyone but the hope is that someone will know someone who will know someone, and then contact me via this site and let me know who, what, when and where and I will add them to the database. I will also try and add current location and a valid contact numbers for each family member.

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